Base Leaders: David and Catherine Obonyo

Work on Buvuma Islands begun in 1991, with an outreach team from the Foundations in Community Development School. The Islands have been quite isolated from the rest of Uganda, and services to the local population by the government have been very limited due to poor infrastructure and communication. Buvuma Islands are made up of diverse cultures and several languages are spoken, therefore it is difficult to find one dominant tribe there. Fishing is the major industry, providing income for about 80% of the population.

The Main Base is located on Lingira Island, which is about 11/2 hours boat ride from Jinja.

The living conditions are basic, not electricity, or running  water. Solar power was installed to supply electricity to the office.

Our Goals

  • Gain an insight in missions in one of the most needy parts of the country
  • Reach the Buvuma Islands
  • Provide Primary Health Care services
  • Understand more about the holistic gospel through working alongside an already established community development project
  • Encourage and strengthen believers by partnering with the local church and teaching them the ways of GOD
  • Bring hope and light in the lives of many through living and preaching the gospel of CHRIST
  • Make a difference in the lives of under privileged children